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Live Auction

April 24, 2023 at 10 AM – Antiques, Vintage, Guns, Fishing Mounts, Sporting, Furniture & More

April 24, 2023

Selling for the Joe Furry Estate and others

Preview Sunday, April 23 from 1-3 PM

Auction begins Monday at 10 AM – Online Bidding begins at 1:30 PM. Guns sold at 5 PM.

FURNITURE: dry sink; oak wash stands; empire settee; bar stools; dough tray; oak kitchen cabinet w/flour bin; pressed back high chair; slant front desk; bookcase; child’s folding cane seat chair; lift chair; power recliner; ridgeway grandfather clock; buggy seat settee; floor/table lamps; cane seat nursing rockers; oak library table; asst. stands; oak bookcase; (3) pc. Victorian set; curio cabinet; oak commode; towel rack; folding table oak extension table; (4) farm chairs; ice box; chests of drawers; granite top table; oak bet; oak dresser w/mirrors; and more.

VINTAGE/DÉCOR/COLLECTABLES: decorated milk can; blow molds; Pyrex; granite ware; African American string holder; bread riser; butter churn; firkin; duck decoys; advertising tins; spice rack set; brass dipper; flesh fork; CI griddle; crocks/jugs; car lantern; Roseville; Hull; Echo’s; Holland girl cookie jar; canes/walking sticks & wall art; sad irons/flat irons/trivets; clocks; Toby mugs; gypsy kettle/(3) foot; oak medicine cabinet; comb cases; brass Israel candlesticks; Noe print; bread boxes; tin airplane; ammo box; knives; civil war books; wild life prints; late 1980s Redskin hat w/autographs; costume jewelry; sterling jewelry; canes; depression glass; assorted china and more.

GUNS: will sell approx. 50 guns including Remington model 10-12 ga; Remington model 870 Wingmaster 16 ga; Remington model 31-12 ga; Ranger .22 model 103-8; Winchester model 37-12 ga; Stevens model 94-16 ga; Marlin 30-30 lever action; Brescia XL4168; Savage model 24S-A .22 mag over 20 ga. Stevens model 49 – .22 pump; Savage 3 B .22 bolt; Winchester Model 70 XTR – .300 mag; Thompson .50 black powder and many more.

NO Online bidding for guns! No shipping. All required paperwork done onsite.  NO CHARGE for paperwork.

Scroll down for GUN LIST

ACCESSORIES/MOUNTS/ETC.: Turkey feather display; custom built shooting bench; wool hunting clothes; ammo box; deer horn coat rack; gun socks; scope; range finder; hand warmers’ assorted calls; knives; fishing lures; fishing reels & poles; back pack; ammo; fish mounts; deer dolly; deer mounts; other mounts including rabbit, squirrel, fox, etc.; mannequin hunter and more.

SPECIAL NOTE: Horse drawn sleigh w/horse; Joe’s created vehicle; Joe’s express wagon and horse; Amish wagon and horse yard display.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: snow blower; weed eater; Cub Cadet chipper/shredder; Troy Bilt gas blower; Husqvarna gas blower; Husqvarna LTH 18538 18.5 HP 6 speed mower; wheel barrows; step ladders; garden tools; assorted lawn ornaments; microwave; grills; general household an more.  other items.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Joe was a very creative gentleman, who also enjoyed decorative display. This is a very unique auction with many of his creations! Don’t miss the opportunity to find inspiration or add something unique to your own décor. Will begin sale at 10 AM with lawn ornaments, general household items and tools. Main gallery cataloged items begin at 1:30 PM. Sporting items will be sold at 4 PM, followed by Guns at 5 PM. Furniture mixed in after guns sold. We are a licensed FFL holder. All required state/federal paperwork done onsite.

At 10 AM auction begins in our Back Gallery

  • Items not cataloged
  • Photos can be viewed in the PHOTO GALLERY
  • Sold in-person
  • Absentee bids welcome – can be submitted in-person or by email

At 1:30 PM auction begins in our Main Gallery

  • Items are cataloged & photographed
  • Photos can be viewed in the PHOTO GALLERY and through our Bidding Platform.
  • Sold in-person and online
  • Bidding options – in-person, online through our website, online absentee through HiBid and phone.
  • Important Notice to Bidders using HiBid – All bids placed on HiBid are absentee bids. They will be downloaded into our clerking system on Sale Day. The auctioneer will execute those bids competitively between in house, other absentee bidders, phone bidders and live online bidding through our website. No live online bidding through HiBid.

After Main Gallery will sell items in Furniture Gallery

  • Items not cataloged
  • Photos can be viewed in the PHOTO GALLERY
  • Sold in-person
  • Absentee bids welcome – can be submitted in-person or by email

TERMS: Cash. Visa/MC/Discover accepted. 15% buyer’s premium discounted to 10% for cash or approved check for in house bidders & online bidders using our website. No fee charged for gun paperwork. Statements made day of sale take precedence.


1g        LG: Browning Arms Twelvette 12 ga., S/N – 3A45383

2g        LG: Ruger 77/22, .22 Win. Mag., bolt action, camo, Tasco scope, sling, S/N – 701-53704

3g        LG: Ithaca Model 900, 12 ga., Weaver Qwik-Point scope, S/N – S7300475

4g        LG: Browning Arms Gold Hunter 3 1/2″”, 12 ga., sling, S/N – F01NP07669

5g        LG: Crescent Davis 12 ga.

6g        LG: Winchester Model 37, 12 ga., Hawke scope

7g        LG: Thompson Center Arms Cherokee, 45 cal., black powder, octagon barrel, S/N – 12202

8g        LG: Winchester Model 37, 12 ga.

9g        LG: Nimrod Hammerless double barrel shot gun, S/N – 21188, missing forearm, engraved scene, inlaid stock

10g     LG: Remington Model 31, 12 ga., pump action, S/N – 4718

11g     LG: Remington Model 31-TC, 12 ga., pump action, S/N – 109825

12g     LG: Remington 12 ga., S/N – 62930

13g     LG: Remington 12 ga., S/N – 85110, missing forearm

14g     LG: Harrison and Richardson Arms Co. 12 ga., S/N – 185243

15g     LG: Ithaca Model 37, 16 ga., pump action, S/N – 187469

16g     LG: Remington Model 10, 12 ga., pump action, S/N – 258949

17g     LG: Ranger Model 103-8, .22 S-L-LR, bolt action

18g     LG: Remington Model 31, 12 ga., pump action, S/N – 79845

19g     LG: Remington shot gun, pump action, S/N – 179291

20g     LG: Remington Wingmaster Model 870, pump action, camo, S/N – 387865V, with scope

21g     LG: C J Hamilton and Sons No. 47, .22 s&l, bolt action

22g     LG: Browning Twelvette 12 ga., S/N – A20627

23g     LG: Remington Model 10, 12 ga., pump action, S/N – 227576

24g     LG: Remington Model 10, 12 ga., pump action, S/N – 267827

25g     LG: Remington Model 10, 12 ga., pump action, S/N – 88399

26g     HG: Hopkins and Allen Arms Safety Police, five shot revolver, 32 cal., S/N – H2398

27g     HG: Harrington and Richardson Arms Co. .22LR Revolver, nine shot, S/N – D29321

28g     LG: Remington shot gun, no barrel, missing parts, S/N – 108116

29g     LG: BB gun, unknown maker

30g     LG: Octagon barrel, unknown maker

31g     LG: BB gun, unknown maker

32g     LG: Daisy Model 1938B, bb gun

33g     LG: Crosman 66 Powermaster, bb gun

34g     HG: Crosman Repeater, bb gun pistol

35g     Barrel: Browning 12 ga. Barrel, approx. 25 1/2″

36g     Barrel: Winchester Model 1200, 12 ga., approx. 30 1/2″

37g     Barrel: Browning 12 ga. Barrel, approx. 27 1/2″

38g     Barrel: Remington 12 ga. Barrel, approx. 30″

39g     Barrel: Remington 12 ga. Barrel, approx. 28″, some rust

40g     (2) Barrels: (1) unknown maker, 16 ga, approx. 28″, rusted; (1) unknown maker, 12 ga., approx. 35″, choke

41g     LG: Remington Wingmaster Model 870 Magnum, 12 ga., S/N – 713357M

42g     LG: J. Stevens Crack Shot-26, 22LR

43g     LG: Marlin, lever action, 30-30 cal., S/N – 10614

44g     LG: Winchester Model 70 XTR Sporter 300 Weatherby Magnum, bolt action, with Redfield scope, sling, S/N – G1841599

45g     LG: Stevens Model 49, .22 S.L.&LR, pump action, S/N – 30250K

46g     LG: Brescia 40-18, bolt action, S/N – XL4168

47g     LG: Savage Model 3B, .22 S.L&LR, bolt action

48g     LG: Savage 24S-A, .22 Win. Mag. Over 20 ga., with Bushnell scope

49g     LG: Stevens Savage Model 94, 16 ga.

50g     LG: Hercules, 16 ga., S/N – 12543A

51g     LG: Marlin Glenfield Model 25, .22 S.L.&LR, with Simmons scope, S/N – 26505213

52g     LG: Thompson Center Arms Hawken, 50 cal., octagon barrel, black powder, S/N – 82451

53g     LG: J.C. Higgins Model 42, .22 S.L.&LR, barrel, bolt and trigger only

54g     (2) HG: (1) I.J. Double Action Model 1900, revolver, no hammer, no grip, S/N – 63594; (1) Hopkins & Allen Safety Police, revolver, no hammer, no grips

55g     HG: Diker Spain Derringer, 45 cal., black powder, S/N – 308383


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Auctioneer Heather Kohler AU005651

Auctioneer John F. Kohler, Jr. AU000507L

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10:00 am

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