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Top 5 Hobbies You Can Practice at Auction

January 14, 2024

We encounter many people at auction who have hobbies—and for some, simply attending auction is their hobby.

Hobbies are great because they can take your mind off the pressures of work or other daily stresses, and practicing a hobby regularly can make you happy and healthier.

January is National Hobby Month (#NationalHobbyMonth) and we want to thank all of our hobbyists for their business and remind you that auction is a great place to practice—or start—a hobby.

When you come to auction, you can find lots of items for your hobby.

Collect Beanie Babies? We often sell them.

Enjoy pottery? You can find it here.

Clocks? Art? Yep, we have those.

Or perhaps your hobby is collecting records or toys or other treasures from your childhood. You can find them at auction.

Here are our Top 5 (in no particular order):

  1. Sports/collector cards & memorabilia. From baseball cards to Pokemon, we offer periodic auctions focused only on cards and memorabilia.
  2. Longaberger baskets. You remember the quality baskets made popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s sold through home parties, right? They are still appealing to collectors. We have periodic online and live basket auctions.
  3. Coins/stamps. Are you a numismatist (coin collector) or a philatelist (stamp collector)? Head to auction for one of our regular coin/stamp auctions.
  4. Collect Nancy Drew? History books? Antique books? We auction them!
  5. Model trains. We regularly have model train auctions where you’ll find everything from a highly-collectible engine to box lots of track. (In fact, our next Model Train auction is Saturday, Jan. 20.)

But your hobby doesn’t have to involve collecting to benefit from auction. Maybe you quilt or sew. We often have notions in box lots.

Or perhaps you are putting together a home workshop. We often have tools.

Maybe you enjoy cooking. We typically have cookbooks, pots, pans and dishes in every estate auction.

Whenever you are looking for, think of auction! We may have what you need!

Gateway Gallery Auction hosts open house previews of every auction where you can come look around. Check out our auction calendar for details.

And if you collect something, contact us at to join our mailing list specific to your Top 5 hobby. You’ll become a Gateway insider!



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