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7 Ways to Prepare for Auction

March 9, 2016

Post by Blair Young

1.Check out our website











 Browse 100s of pictures, skim the full listing, see if anything tickles your fancy.


2. Preview in person












Don’t be shy; ask us to open a case up for a better look. Open house is always like “Old Home Week”, so mingle with friends!


3. Roll up your sleeves; do a little research

0308 screenshot








Enlist Google for some help…find the history behind what caught your eye! It’s like Pawn Stars, except not in Vegas, and not on camera or in a pawn shop, or with a live expert…okay maybe it’s not like Pawn Stars, but hey you’re in your PJs…you can pretend.


4. Leave an absentee bid



















“Ah shucks, I’ve got a parent-teacher meeting with Suzie’s teacher. I’m going to miss my chance to snag those green industrial lamps.” Not a chance! We’ve gotcha covered! You can leave a bid during preview or check out our online absentee bid form.


5. Grab a box and save yourself a seat














Plan ahead for a place to rest your derriere. (You can find boxes in the furniture gallery next to the soda machine)


6. Check in and get a bidder number














and don’t forget to

7. Bid!

Our end-of-the-year maker project has student teams bringing their research to life by designing monuments to 20th-century women
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