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An Auction Fit for a Wedding

June 18, 2013

If you read our blog with any regularity you have probably figured out that I am getting married soon (hopefully, if all goes smoothly), and I have weddings on the brain.


So now I am thrust into wedding planning, and unlike most little girls I really had no vision about how my wedding should be. I keep hearing the words “vintage chic” thrown around when referring to wedding style. “Vintage” style weddings seem to be all the rage these days with budget savvy brides everywhere. Just take a look at all these real wedding that come up when you Google “Vintage Chic Weddings”


Inspired by modern thrift store trends, these weddings all seem to have elements of vintage mixed in with modern contemporary styles to create almost a soft romantic feel. Some feature vintage items, calligraphy, mason jars, etc. Pinterest is full of ideas of how to use those vintage and upcycled items in your wedding.


One idea I will be using for my wedding is inspired by this picture:


I managed to get a bunch of old and vintage keys at auction. This past week. I love the idea of including something a little different and personal.

I know if I decide to go the “vintage chic” route for my wedding, I will definitely be looking in the secondhand market for some of my items. Mason jars for example have become big time decor items. Lucky for me we sell the by the box full, and adding a little home made decoration can give you a truly one of a kind touch to your wedding.

mason jar
Another thing we always have is milk glass. I actually really like these milk glass centerpieces (although Better Homes and Gardens has it listed under Christmas decor)

Via: Better Homes and Garden 

So as far as my wedding decor, I know where I’ll be looking. These items and many other great ones will be available in our next estate auction. As the wedding planning progresses I’m sure I will inspired with many other vintage and antique ideas with items I see come in the door every day. Has anyone else used a secondary market for the wedding? We’d love to hear your stories. Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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