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August Auctioneer’s Note

August 19, 2016

Remember when stuff was more than just stuff? Grandma’s beef vegetable soup was great but it just tasted better in grandma’s bowls; the treasured vase that sat atop the mantle for years that you were warned never to touch, that felt just right in your hands the first time you were allowed to really look at it. I was reminded of that feeling this auction, when a bed reading lamp came in. I saw it and immediately was taken back to my grandparent’s home and wonderful overnight visits were my pap-pap would read Richard Scary stories to me at bed time. I hadn’t thought about those times in years and I don’t know that I could have told you about the light…until I saw one just like it.


As auctioneer’s, we see stuff. A LOT of stuff throughout our careers. There are times, at the end of the day, when you don’t want to look at one more house full of stuff. AND then, if you’re lucky, you get reminded that while it is just STUFF, often times it’s important stuff. It’s stuff that meant something to someone. It’s stuff that someone choose or a gift that was given or a favorite toy or book.  Our stuff is, so often, indicative of us – our personalities.

One of the things that makes auctions so great is that stuff. Could I buy a reading light at Target? Sure. But it wouldn’t have the same effect on me. It’s the history, the memories, the feelings….the connection to our past and the things we can share with our children to build future memories.

So I invite you to join us on Monday, August 22nd; we have 3 galleries packed with stuff. Great stuff, good stuff, every day stuff. Stuff that makes you say hmmmm. And stuff that I hope, will send you – just for a moment – to another place in time when life was a little simpler, the smell of Grecian formula was in the air and the words to Taffy was a Welshman swirled in your mind as you drifted off to sleep.


Thinking about the question of what people made during different eras gets at some fundamental parts of the human experience
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