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Bored? Tired? Need something new? Shop local!

January 14, 2021

Your kids or grandkids are bored. You’re looking for something new. Welcome to 2021!

We have just what you need–toys, games and books for kids, plus cookbooks and a whole lot of housewares and collectibles that will brighten your home and your day.

Here are just some of the items we have for sale in Monday’s auction:

Army Men. Find a whole box of them in our back gallery. It’s not just a toy, it is a history lesson! Pair it with some online research about Gettysburg and let the kids (or yourself!) stage a battle.





Ty Beanie Babies. You remember these things. You probably got rid of a whole Rubbermaid tub of them at some point. But little kids still love to play with them, so why not bid on a lot of them from our back gallery? It will provide hours of fun for very little money.




Race cars. What kiddo doesn’t like to Zoom!Zoom!? With a few toilet paper rolls (and surely, you have plenty of those!) and some imagination, the kids can drive all through the house!





“Barbie” dolls. We have a few lots of dolls, including Barbie, her friends and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Some are in original boxes, others are pre-loved. Shop our back gallery, then take home some friends, then turn on Nickelodeon (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch is on most afternoons) and encourage interactive play.






The Hardy Boys mysteries. Back in the day, Frank and Joe Hardy brought intrigue to boys and girls. The original series is full of imagination. Read them all to the kids–or let them read them by themselves. Great option to screen time! You’ll find them in our main gallery.





Local history. You need a break! Take one with a warm beverage and some local history. Titles we have in our main gallery include: “The Battle of Antietam,” “Chambersburg,” “Days of Darkness: The Gettysburg Civilians,” “Franklin: A Frontier County,” “John Brown in Chambersburg” and “Franklin County Ghosts” … to name a few.




Martha and more. Martha Stewart is the queen of housekeeping. Surely, she has a remedy for those nasty coffee stains that have magically appeared on the carpet since working from home. And it’s never too cold to grill. Plus, more in our back gallery.




Longaberger dishware. Speaking of cooking, you may need a good batter bowl for baking cookies or a baking dish for coffee cake or a serving bowl for vegetables or a pitcher for whatever. These are classics! See them in our main gallery.




Another way to add charm to your surroundings is this P. Buckley Moss signed, framed print. (And we have several of them in Monday’s sale!) Find them in our main gallery on the wall.





Finally, if you are frustrated with the slow mail these days, you need this! It’s a bank. Buy it from our main gallery! Place it near your door and each time you go for the mail, drop in a quarter. In a few weeks, you’ll have enough change to buy a latte or adult beverage–something good to come out of the (miniature) mailbox!


So many ways to shop local! And, you’re doing the environment a favor, too, by recycling! #winwin

Gateway Gallery Auction’s next sale is Monday, Jan. 18. Sale begins at 10 a.m. Doors open at 8. You can come take a look at everything in the sale on Sunday, from 1 to 3 p.m. or when the doors open on sale day. Items can be viewed online and we offer online bidding for many items.








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