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July 3, 2012

One of my friends asked me once, “Hey Lee, what are your favorite things you have seen come through at auction”? Although its always difficult to pick just one, usually buttons come to mind. Now, as my grandmother once told me, I sew like a blind man on a fast horse… so for me they are not merely about mending clothes. At auction, they often end up all together and somewhat neglected. Many people pass them by thinking, “Well I don’t sew, what use would I have for buttons”?

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Although buttons are a common household item, they can be very intricate and fascinating. I recently read an interesting article on the history of buttons published by Judy Stewart. Who knew that buttons used to be a symbol of wealth and status? If you’re interested here is her article: A very interesting article on the history of buttons .

In the grand scheme of the secondary market, buttons are a great way to upcycle your favorite vintage items in a new and often exciting way. I have long been looking for a new set of buttons to adorn my vintage pea coat to give it a little pizzazz! Upcycled buttons are all over and other boutiques as jewelry too. What a neat and unique way to make jewelry. Just a quick search of Pinterest for “Upcycled Buttons” turned up all these great ideas: Button ideas! See what I’m getting at? Buttons have serious craft potential!

So next time you pass a box of buttons take a second look they hold more potential then you may think!

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