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Our ode to Dr. Seuss

March 2, 2021

The restaurants were closed

Our lives full of fear

So we sat in the house

All that long, boring year


We stayed in our homes

As we were instructed to do

And we all said, “How I wish

We had something to do!”


COVID-19 kept us in,

Each mandate made us pout

So we stayed inside

Too afraid to go out


So all we could do was to




And we did not like it

Not one little bit.


And then came 2021

It was a new year!

A vaccine came to town

There was nothing to fear!


Wear your mask when you’re out

Wear one or wear two!

It’s the first line of defense

Against this COVID flu.


Wash your hands

Use Purel

And don’t touch your face!

And wipe everything down

In every place!


It’s safe to go out!

Are you ready to go?

But look outside

Now it’s starting to snow.


It snowed for two days

And then a day or two more

And we were back where we started

Staring at walls and the floor


Now spring’s coming soon!

Goodbye Cabin Fever!

But where can we go

When we finally leave here?


To auction! That’s where!

Gateway Gallery!

You can bid on an item

Or two or three!


There are treasures galore!

It’s exciting! It’s fun!

You never know what you’ll get

Till the bidding is done.


Bring your partner

your kids,

Your bestie or spouse.

There’s room for all

In this auction house.


Get off your couch and

Head down Kriner Road!

Find an item you need

Or a whole carload!


Please wash your hands

And wear your mask

Please be socially-distant,

That’s all we ask!


It’s auction!

There are bargains!

Be with people!

Have fun!

Gateway Gallery’s the place to be in 2021!

March 2 marks the celebration of Theodor Seuss Geisel—better known as Dr. Seuss—and the National Education Association’s endeavor to endorse the importance of reading. This is our 2021 tribute to Seuss. Enjoy!

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