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Strolling Down Memory Lane

January 29, 2016

Post by Blair Young

As our next auction approaches, people come in to preview items and I unlock the cases for them. It’s a good opportunity for me to preview too. This is only my second auction here and I’m already surprised by some of the things I’ve found.

Yesterday in the back gallery I found something interesting on a cart full of vinyl records, glassware and some crocheted items. Looking through a pile of 45’s, I spotted a little yellow 45 of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.”  When I found it, I immediately thought of my mom. Usually around Christmas-time, whenever she hears “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” she’s quick to remind me that as a kid she had it on a 45. She insists she practically played it to death (and probably drove her older siblings and parents crazy).


In the main gallery there’s a case full of Breyer horses, which upon seeing, reminded me of my elementary-school days. I was absolutely obsessed with horses. Every kid has his/her thing, right? Well, mine was definitely horses. I begged my dad relentlessly for a real horse. After all, we lived on a farm, and he had ponies when he was young. I never did get my real life horse – “Too much work,” he’d say. He had a point. But at least I had my plethora of toy horses to obsess over.


What are some of the things you remember fondly from your childhood? Any special toys? Do you wish you still had them? Sometimes all it takes is rooting around in the back gallery to find a special item from yesteryear. You really never know what you’ll end up finding!

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