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What’s Hot at Saturday’s Matchbox & Comic Auction

October 13, 2016

Keep an eye on these 5 Lots


Lot #230 – 36 Austin, 39 Zodiac Convertible in original box. This lot has received many views & much attention….this is one to watch.




Lot #13 – (7) Superfasts in their Original Boxes have numerous active bids and view after view. Currently at $55, perhaps 13 is a lucky number?




Lot 41C – Fantastic Four #12 CGC graded 3.5

“A book length epic! Need we say more?!”

11 bidders at $300 so far…




Lot 78C Fantastic Four #13 CGC graded 5.5 — This is a watcher!




Lot 101C Amazing Spiderman #1 CGC graded 5.0

At 17 bids, $3,500 and over 13,000 views

The cover says it all … the Fantastic Four don’t suspect Spiderman’s real power.


Online biding available through Invaluable.


In my mind, they were referring to seymour papert’s kind of fun hard fun
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